Friday, September 12, 2008

Catch up Taal Volcano

Wow, I know there is a big gap here. I'm using Julia's computer because will not upload photos to this site and I have not been able to fix that problem. I'm going to catch up bit by bit.

After enjoying the pool at the resort and the sunset, we walked into the town of Talisay to eat at a place called Milan's, which was recommended by the tourist office. This is the very friendly staff who were very excited that we were in Cinderella . It didn't get us any free food, but they sure took a lot of pictures. We had a good dinner of traditional Filipino food for this region. A whole fish and Rice of course, with a bitter green vegetable sauteed with shrimp and tomatoes.
Her I am in the prow of the Banca that is taking us to the Island of the Volcano.
This is the trail. The natives transport soda, food, ice etc up top the top by horseback to sell to tourists at extraordinary prices. The fellow in the foreground is a local policeman. Upon landing on a beachhead covered in manure we were met by this guy and our boatman infoemed us that he was to show us where to go. We thought he was going to direct us to the tourist bureau where you are to register and pay an entrance fee. It soon became evident that he was going to "guide" us to the top and of course be paid $10 for that. I informed that we did not not need or want a guide. He went with us anyway. We bought him a soda at the top. This is part of the constant "pay as you go" scam in the Philippines. You think you are doing one thing and suddenly you discover a bill that you did not expect. It is all very good natured, but perfidious.
A view from the top of the trail we took up. These are horse corrals and shelters below. Many people pay $10 to ride a scrawny horse to the top. I could have carried the horse up!
Here is the Lake. As you can see, there is an island in it. So it is an island within a lake within a volcano within a lake within a volcanic Caldera. Whew!! It was hot as blazes up here. We sweat (Swat?) buckets. It is a volcano after all. We know others who hiked down to the lake and swam in it. Funnily, I don't feel liked I missed it. Next up... Pictures of the village and sleeping dogs!!!!! don't miss it!

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