Friday, June 27, 2008

Spiders are EVIL

Jefferson got bit by a spider at the theatre yesterday... this is blog-worthy because Jefferson gets bit by weird things in strange places. It's as if these little critters see his Man-flesh, cry out "yum"and chomp away. Now, we all have gotten bug bites... but I'm talking more dramatic here. Jefferson was bit by an exotic centipede in Japan many years ago. Our friend, Toshio, joked that the bite would turn JEFFERSON into a centipede as well (and would make crazy hand and face gestures at the same time.) In Florida, he was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider... the one that makes your skin decompose... which resulted in a HOLE in his arm and two trips to urgent care... it was pretty gross. SO... I'll let you know what happens. I don't know anything about Filipino insects, but I DO know that Jefferson likes to crawl around on the floor and stick his hands into creepy puddles and stuff like that...

Oh, and it's our ANNIVERSARY today. ELEVEN years! And it's just brilliant that we are together! Marriage has been the biggest learning experience of my life and I am so thrilled that I get to be in it with such a special and loving man, Jefferson. To celebrate, we are going to a highly recommended Thai restaurant for dinner tonight and a Walking Tour and couples massage tomorrow on our day off.... lovely.

One more thing, CINDERELLA is going to be amazing. Have I told you that? I had a little breakthrough with the Stepmother yesterday. Something had not been working for me.. I was trying to make her too human and was losing her power and strength in the scenes. Bobby, our director, reminded me that she truly is the force of evil and wickedness in this piece... Cinderella's oppressor, the antagonist. I needed to get back to the archetype of the villain, on a mythological/fairy tale level. Of course, how do you "play" evil? You don't... every villain throughout time truly felt that they were completely RIGHT and justified and setting the world in order.. ie, Hitler or Cruella D'Evill. So, I plan on playing the role of the HERO and just letting the audience judge accordingly. Yeah.... God, I hope they hate me. :)

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mscook said...

kxehokWhile it is still Friday evening, the 27th at 10 PM here and the 28th 1 PM now in Manila, Happy Anniversary now in Manila and tomorrow here in Idaho. Does this count as one anniversary, or two?

Hope spiderman is having no lasting ill effects!

Stay bad, Juria!

Love, Mom & Dad