Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Juria's two cents

Shrinky spectacularly provided the inaugural post for our new blog... but I wouldn't be Juria if I didn't feel compelled to offer my own TWO CENTS.
Here are some of my initial thoughts:

-Currently, we could be in any large American city ( one with alot of Fillipinos in it!) It's the fact that we are staying in a 5 star hotel in the middle of the commercial/shopping/dining district across from a huge mall. It's an English speaking country and we could eat at an Outback Steakhouse, Wendy's or Tony Roma's at will. We could shop at the Gap or drink at Starbucks. OR... we could try a corn milkshake and some pancit noodles! I feel confident that we will experience a more traditional Filipino atmosphere when we can get off our beaten path and venture a bit. There is one thing that is undeniable however... the customer service and friendliness far surpass many big US cities- and I know cuz I've been to 'em.

-This production of Cinderella is going to be spectacular. Seriously. Lush and beautiful. It's quite thrilling. Lea's voice? effortless. The costumes? Italian coutoure extravagance. The cast? diverse and smart. The sets and lights? top notch. The score? tuneful and ballad-y. The dancing? clever. Oh yeah, and I get to yell... alot. At everybody. It's going to be fun.

-Shrinky and I ate lunch at a restaurant today and it came to the equivalent of 5 bucks. For both of us. Also, I've heard of a good spa where we can get hour massages for under 20 bucks. Let the bargains begin!

-Now, if I can just stay awake long enough to completely enjoy it all...


mscook said...

Julia & Jefferson, thanks for starting a blog about your amazing tour with the Broadway Asia's Cinderella! We look forward to hearing about your tales and adventures. Love, and stay safe! Dad

Sticha,T said...

Hey! Sticha, T here..........this is news to me! I want to know more, such as how did you get this gig, audition stories, how much money you make, you know, that kind of thing!!
Let me know where to find this information, and good luck! T