Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweating like an oldy

I've only got a minute or two until a vocal rehearsal, but I wanted to chime in by saying that I am WORKING. I didn't realize that I was going to be dancing in a big opening number. It is great fun. Our choreographer Vince is rather mercurial and puckish and his choreography is very precise and clean. Unlike me. But I am getting it and it is busting my hump. But it's a good thing because I have been eating like a King. Get it... like a King!!!

Gotta go sing


mscook said...
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mscook said...

I eat like a king too - a Burger King! Dad

Otto said...

Hey, you guys! Thanks for the blog!!

How's the spidey bite? Have you noticed things like dizziness, unusual strength, ability to climb walls, anything like that?

Seriously, I hope you both are doing well. Merde with your dancing! Have fun!