Thursday, July 3, 2008

The King has arrived

I had my costume fittings yesterday. Wow!! I've had a few nice costumes in my day, but these really take the cake. They are exquisitely detailed and tailored. Fantastic fabrics and design. By the weding scene at the end I am a mountain of majesty in Royal blue and White. With a fur lined Cape with a five foot train!! After my fitting I told Lea she would need to tip the follow spot operator a little extra when she is beside me to give her some extra illumination. I have since been assured by the director that her costume is even more spectacular than mine which is only fitting. But I am 6' 3" in Royal Blue Cape!!!

I'll attach pictures after we open. We are not to divulge too much about the show until then. I can say that this show is looking very good. The talent pool here is deep. Performers and production team alike are committed to excellence and it shows.

On the tourism front, Julia and I plan to go to the Mall of Asia today during a 3 hour break from rehearsal. This is the third largest mall in the world behind the Canadian one and of course the Mall of America in lovely Bloomington, MN; land of my birth.

I'm working on posting some photos. I should have them up soon.

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