Saturday, July 5, 2008

Odds and Ends from Juria

Ahhh... day off...nice! You see, cuz all week we've been WORKING (as I do believe Shrinky has reported). It's interesting to have these "working vacations." I think, "why am I tired today and why would I rather sleep than sight-see??" And then I tell myself, "cuz lady, you've been WORKING..." But let me tell you the amusement and delight in sharing a work situation with Jefferson! Yes, we work in the same business and the context is familiar to both of us ( the rehearsal room, the process) but it is unique to SHARE it. I am enjoying finishing a scene and having Jefferson say, "I watched that, and it's really working" or to beam with pride at his clever, funny choices as the King. It is such a kick to watch him during the opening group dance number as well... so much so that I am conscious of missing my cue to cry, "Cinderella!" I have appreciated on a daily basis, the reality of doing this show together. I will not take it for granted! Even having the same day off feels like a luxury... we don't always get that.

Ok.. so let's talk about MY costumes now... they are ridiculous in their splendor. I have 4 "coutour" gowns, each one spectacularly made, full of details and designer trim. The petticoats alone are layers of fluffy ruffles, then you add on a dress, corset piece, etc. All the hats, purses are designed to match. There was a point where I thought, "we better have some good dressers cuz there is no way I am getting into this on my own." I'm sure we will have local dressers in each city (although probably not always English-speaking.) I haven't seen my wig yet... I'm told it's Medusa-inspired (curls instead of snakes?) Pretty frackin' cool.

I hope all you Americans had a Happy 4th of July... In honor of our fine country, the Mall of Asia, had a huge Statue of Liberty on display. Ahhhh, how sweet of them!

Apparently there was a coup attempt in the Phillipine government this week... just reminded me that we are living in a relatively unstable country right now. The senate meets in the building next to where we are rehearsing. So, we have "Impossible things... happening every day" in one building while "Let's overthrow the President" is happening in the other one. (Ok... maybe the coup attempt wasn't quite like that, but it makes for an interesting paradox!) By the way, I am pretty fascinated with the whole Imelda Marcos part of Phillipine history and look forward to seeing more of her contributions... like the Coconut Palace, built for the Pope's visit in the '80's. Only it was so opulent that he refused to stay in it! We watched the documentary, "Imelda" in the USA before we left. Her philosophy on the meaning of life is one of the most humorous, screwed-up logic, crazy-talking things I've ever heard. I do however, stand by her decision to own 1500 pairs of shoes... THAT sounds perfectly normal to me.

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