Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things that make ya smile...

So I'm learning that it's fun to read the blogs of my co-workers... you know, to see what they have to say about what we're all experiencing... Jefferson and I dined last night with Cinderella's Godmother, Charlie, and she was cleverly describing our very Fillipino meal on her blog. When she got to the part of the desserts I chuckled out loud and decided to just cut and paste her remarks here:
"For dessert, I had myself a cocktail - I've yet to find Makers Mark anywhere here :( - and picked at a bit of Jefferson's "mango slice" (which seemed to be mango ice cream sandwiched between layers of granola) and Julia's gelatin phantasmagoria (actual name is completely different and gone from my head). I've no idea, really, what was in that besides bits of gelatin, but she loved it; my reaction was more lukewarm since I'm not really into eating horse hooves. It seemed to be bits of green gelatin in coconut milk along with other stringy bits of white gelatin, or possibly some kind of noodles - ???"
It's true... I love weirdo desserts. Today I tried HALO-HALO, a traditional beloved Filipino sweet, icey treat. So picture this... shaved ice, floating in coconut milk, covered with 3 kinds of sweetened beans, lumps of pudding, 3 kinds of gelatin/taro balls, ice cream & candied fruits...and then a pot of condensed milk to pour over the whole damn thing. YOWSAH! Can you say, "Dericious!" or at least, "I thought you were going to lose weight eating some healthy Asian cuisine!" or maybe "Did it come with a toothbrush to eliminate the furry coating probably left on your teeth?" The odds are very good that I will consume another one of these delicate concoctions before my time here is thru... like, maybe... TOMORROW. :)

During rehearsals I watched the scene where the Prince and Cinderella first see one another at the Ball... and it was so delightfully charming and even sexy. I realized that I had a sappy grin stuck upon my face... at which point I glanced over at the creative/management team sitting there and without exception, every one of them had the same sappy, ear-t0-ear grin. This is a good sign. (I would say that it's rather important for these two characters to have some chemistry...)
By the way, you non-theatre folk might not realize how many people are involved during the rehearsal process (not to mention how many people it takes to put on the actual show.) There's the director, the assistant director, the musical director, the assistant musical director, the choreographer, the dance captain, the production stage manager, the production manager and 2 additional assistants. And, in this case, the Prince and Cinderella understudies...ALL with sappy grins on their faces. What a great sight!

Here's a glass of Maker's Mark raised in honor of those things that just make ya smile,


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Charlie Parker said...

Beans, gelatin, shaved ice, pudding, condensed milk - what's not to love? ;)

I guess if I'm gonna' eat a raw duck embryo, I should be able to manage some halo halo! Lead me to the weirdo desserts, Julia!